Sunday, March 26, 2017

God Help The Girl (2014)

The songs of Belle & Sebastian always seem to tell a story & this time they really do as frontrunner Stuart Murdoch writes & directs this film God Help The Girl.

A fantastic cast carries you through this coming-of-age 20-something romp & meander through a young girl's life transition out of a mediochre depression & into the real world.

Emily Browning looks as every young hipster wishes she could, big lips & eyes, demure & innocent at the same time with a classic style that hangs off​ thin limbs with soft curves. Olly Alexander is the perfect male friend, talented, kind & cool, he has a great voice & face in this film, as does his female equivalent Hannah Murray, a truly unique beauty.

It feels realistic, as the story is not very climactic, but it is intruiging enough to hang out with these kids & want to share the time with them. The songs are similar to Belle & Sebastian songs & it made me want to listen to them again.

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