Monday, January 16, 2017

Sing Street - A perfect example of an 80s film released in 2016

This might be my new favourite movie. After watching it, I started it right over from the beginning to watch it through again. Then I watched it again the next day and found the soundtrack online to enjoy. (You know you like a movie when…)

The 80s is back in brilliant sound and colour in this wonderful film about owning who you are, finding love and making a life for yourself with the help of your friends.It starts out with the simple plot of family trouble (typical 80s) causing a teenage boy, Conor, to have to switch schools. At the new school he meets a beautiful woman a couple years older than him, perhaps out of his league? (another typical 80s theme, a la John Hughes). And this is where the plot gets so great: Conor decides to win her heart over by starting up a band, from scratch! Just like that! and then appeals to her desire to become a model by asking her to be in his music video. This guy may look like a sweet choir boy, but he’s also got balls!

This is not just any band by the way, no way! This is a band that produces the new pop-sounds coming from America. Reminiscent of early british 80s sound, I found myself appeal quite naturally to the music. With Bowie-esque glamour, complete with synth and makeup, we come to discover this boy’s talent and spirit as he does. Faced with adversity and humiliation by a strict religious principle at the new school, Conor is not faltered in his sense of purpose and leads the band with conviction and skill.

Along the way he also has the mentorship of his Seth Rogan-alike brother, Brendan. Jack Reynor plays a stellar performance of the enthusiastic hippie high-school dropout who schools his brother in the art of music history and what it takes to make it in the industry. All done with a rather fun nostalgic 90s-esque quality of plaid-shirts about him, implying he is wise before his time.

While the music is pop and the context teenage, it is one that any fan of the 80s could get into. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo does wonderful performances and I am now a fan of his grass-root musical career outside of the film as well.

Does conor win the girl? Well, I’m not going to ruin it for you, you’ll just have to watch it yourself and find out.

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