Monday, January 16, 2017

Rogue One - This isn’t Star Trek

There are so many great things to say about the new stand-alone Star Wars film. One important one being that Diego Luna may very well bring the mustache back. I mean, it never looked so sexy to me before.

Seriously though, what a stellar lead Felicity Jones brought. She carried the protagonist role very well. Nothing like a self-empowered heroine to lead a rebel cause. Yes, this was a risky attempt to overthrow a corrupt power that was threatening to take over the universe in blatantly destructive ways. So risky, it became a potential suicide-mission. No, they couldn’t just be beamed up at the last minute as in Star Trek. Perhaps that’s why it’s a stand alone film, yet gracefully it held it’s own in how well it was executed, while seamlessly fitting into the Star Wars universe and history.

We feel this movie as if they are fighting for our own people, as if we are part of the rogue going in and seeking to change the world, being activists for a righteous cause. It’s quite thrilling. One very good point my mother brought up though was, how is this mission to overthrow a threatening and corrupt power any different than say, ISIS wanting to overthrow the values of North American greed and corruption. A very good point. In many ways I think we are all sick of North American greed and corruption too, but how can we actively go about overthrowing and establishing a new government in North America that truly serves its people and the global community? Are there better ways then rebel rebellion that involve many casualties?

I see this different from ISIS for example because the rebels are going in in order to access the information they need and only fighting in self defense towards that goal. They don’t intend to kill civilians, they go direct to the source. The casualties of war then being due to the damaging resistance of the powerful dark-side. Of course every film is going to make the bad guys appear all evil looking and menacing, the dark purposes are not so easily defined and clear to see in the real world.

I like how the Alliance was realistic about its hesitancy to start a war, wishing there were a better way to reason with the Dark-side, or deciding to simply turtle and hide as long as they can from it’s destructive power. Unfortunately in nature, ignoring the dark-side results in further damage. Often you can reason with the shadow and positively integrate it, you set up a meeting and you discuss in rational ways and come to agreements and compromises to make things work for everyone. But sometimes, especially with too much ignorance for too long regarding too many important issues, it can get too out of hand and damaging. This is when your government needs to be overthrown so a new one can be established.

On a lighter note: K-2S0. Perhaps my favourite character, this bad-ass robot thankfully carried no circus-like Jar-Jar cheese. Instead he had a classic R-2-like humour whilst fighting like a true Rogue. I don’t think I ever cared about a robot so much and I grew up in the 80s :)

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