Friday, August 12, 2016

"Damn it Jim!"

Star Trek is such a timeless classic and I believe one of the major reasons why this is so is because, here is a team of people who really work well together, despite their differences. They each have their own unique character, ethnicity & skills that when brought together, utilized and respected; all work towards the common good.

A scene from the current film looked very much like something from the original series:

From the original series: 

This continuation of the Star Trek Series of films has done an excellent job of creating a new adventure for the crew that is reminiscent of the traditional TV show. The opening scene for example, while a bit cheesy, really reflected the types of situations Captain Kirk's character tended to get himself into & was due a worthy chuckle.

Part of what endears me to these new films is just how well each actor plays the original characters; it is almost as if I'm catching up with old friends from childhood.

Now if I were actually a character in the film, Jaylah would be a cool one to be. She is a pretty great character and new addition! Looking a bit like an attractive rogue female Darth Maul, she is both feisty bad-ass, skillful & a darn cute character with her broken English. I'm curious to see how her character may evolve in future films.

Admittedly though, I would be O'Hura. Literally because she's currently the only female on the crew of what seems to be a bit of a boy's club. (Although in the original there was also a blond who has now been forgotten). She's quite a cool character, though you don't really see a ton of her spunk in this film. Mainly though, in each film you catch a glimpse of her adoration and soft heart for Spock. This is mainly why I wish to be her: she's with Spock! (& damn he's cute!!).

My favourote dialogue has to be between Spock & the Doctor. The best quotes, comedy & philosophy are here. Also, I mean, how cool is it that Spock, even though he's fit to be a captain, as Kirk expounds at the beginning of this film, he chooses to be Kirk's right hand. *Swoon*.

I think it's pretty great how this film interweaved a tribute to the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, as it acknowledged the pain I'm sure the actors carried, along with many Star Trek fans, particularly those Spock empathizers & adorers, in regards to his passing.

In thinking about the original crew who are still alive & their first viewing of the film, I can see that Lin took much care to create this film specifically as a work of love for them. Not only did he frame much of this adventure according to it's original vision, but the dialogue & the relationships developed between the characters really speak.

"To the enterprise and to absent friends" -Kirk

"What would I do without you Spock?" -  Kirk

"Fear of death is what keeps is alive!" - Bones

"We will find hope in the impossible." - Spock

They acknowledge the pain & yet it's bittersweet as we can't help but giggle when Spock says as he starts spouting somewhat irrational philosophical poetry, going a bit crazy due to both loss of blood and pent up emotional pain;

"The miserable have little to gain, but only for hope"

And of course how could they not insert the doctor's "Dammit Jim!" As he gets roped into going beyond his role in taking on daunting tasks, as he always was in the original show. Many great quotes in this film!

I was looking out to see if they may mention the young Checkov, Anton Yelchin's passing somewhere. While I did not see this, I am assured it was in the credits. I did keep my eyes open for every moment to see him in the film though, and they managed to carry his character quite fluidly throughout. It's quite amazing to know that people will be seeing him for weeks all across the world, immortalized in film though he has ventured into the undiscovered country along with Nimoy. He will surely be missed in the coming films and I'm not sure quite how they will replicate his fine work, he was so darn likable. May he Rest In Peace: he was gone far too soon.