Monday, August 26, 2013

The Sapphires

The Sapphires is based on the real story and co-written by the son of one of the four women in The Sapphires who traveled to Vietnam in the 70's to sing to the troops. Full of sisterly badgering, prerecorded tracks and a slightly unconvincing romance, The Sapphires has its weaknesses, but I still really enjoyed the story of these women from a unique aboriginal Australian upbringing, and their brave adventure into Vietnam to sing their hearts and souls out. Chris O'Dowd is oh so charming and It's cool to see him in this role. Each of the girls also did a truly wonderful job of asserting their different personalities. I personally wish there were more movies like this one these days; fun, real, joyful, dangerous, thrilling, about family and the journeys we make in life. 

The story is also a play which ran in 2010 Perth International Arts Festival at the Black Swan State Theater Company in Perth, Western Australia. What a delight it would be if more production company's could showcase this play. I'd go see it! That soul music just gets under your skin, I think everyone just may be dancing by the end of the show.

These are the original Sapphires below: