Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BAGS: The Psychology of Collecting with Dr Gary Wood

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We all do it to a degree, no?

I have a horrible habit of buying clothing! I suppose I feel more beautiful for awhile & I find it a means to self expression. Also, when I first moved into my apartment, I had the habit of buying things for it. It seemed to help me put my roots down, make the place my own, make it functional, create an environment for myself and one which I can share with others. Now that I have a cat that I love, I am buying things for him!

While at the time I seem to think that these things will make my life richer somehow... when I come home and see all this stuff accumulating in my small apartment, I feel cramped and want to get rid of these things that I don't use! They are clutter physically, and clutter psychologically and clutter spiritually! One day one of my friends said emphatically something like; "More and more I am feeling the repulsion of materialism, which is SO anti-spiritual!!!" I had to agree and yet I felt so caught up in it, as if somehow it had been sewn up in my person and it was hard to extravate. I am an aesthetist, proudly... and often this involves material things; often the creation of another person, or something in nature.

The Psychologist Maslow, in his later years, argues FOR Aesthetic Needs and even places them ABOVE the Need for Self-Actualization! He claims that Self-Actualized people are more in tune with higher needs which include both the Need to Know and Aesthetic Need. While these are things we all seem to need at some time or another, these people seem to know how to fulfill these needs righteously.

I was reading an excellent book a while ago called "Mutant Message Down Under" by Marlo Morgan, which stated; "Things generate fear. The more things you have, the more you have to fear. Eventually you are living your life for things."
Living my life for things! Not people, not my self, not the greater good, BUT, the sole purpose and reason being FOR THINGS!?!! That is a lonely place indeed...How and why do we get this way? What is it we are trying to accomodate for?

With this I end with a quote from a text I am reading in Psychology of Spirituality:

"In the healthy individual who has a compliant aspect of the self but who exists and who is a creative and spontaneous being, there is at the same time a capacity for the use of symbols. In other words health here is closely bound up with the capacity of the individual to live in an area that is intermediate between the dream and the reality, that which is called the cultural life... By contrast, where there is a high degree of split between the True Self and the False Self which hides the True Self, there is found a poor capacity for using symbols, and a poverty of cultural living. Instead of cultural pursuits one observes in such persons extreme restlessness, an inability to ocncentrate, and a need to collect impingements from external reality so that the living-time of the individual can be filled by reactions to these impingements."

~D. W. Winniscot. 1965. The Maturational Process and the Environment: Studies in the Theory of Emotional Development.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


He took quickly to both my parents :) He is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! :D