Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here is a website of pictures my dad is putting together of our trip to NC.
Pick one of the dates at the top and you will see a bit of what we did that day.

I took some of those pictures :D

Monday, August 21, 2006

Beach bunnies :D
Me and my mom

My Letter to Courteny about my trip:

Hi Honey!!:D

I AM loving my trip!! :D We are staying at a beach condo on a very long thin island on the coast and I LOVE THE OCEAN :D The salt water and sunshine has be wonderful! I have been reading for fun and I am reading a bit about pirates, ghost ships and other mystery legends of the sea. There actually used to be pirates around this area! :D I LOVE PIRATE STORIES!! (My parents are thinking of going to see Pirates 2, that would be my 3rd time, lol) And there are wild horses left over from the Spanish invasion on one of the islands! I haven't seen them yet, but i would like to!
I went for a run with my cousin along the beach this morning. My first day out in the sun and I am burnt already! It's glorious! :D It's gotten overcast as some weather has moved in. Hopfully no hurricaines. They are building all these gorgeous beach houses that are up for sale. I would LOVE to own one of them. I think I will run over there tomorrow morning and take pictures of them :)

Tonight we are going to watch the movie The Fog, which is a chiller thriller about this ship that crashed and left all these leperous zombies to haunt a seaside village. It's probably pretty hokey, but it will be perfect being on the coast with this weather for the evening :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Me, my cousin Dave, my uncle Peter

I'm in North Carolina, on the coast!!

A flock of pelicans just flew over us like a V of Canadian Geese!!! :D

I want to live here! :P

I'll say more later :)
Hope you're all doing well!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey Everyone! :)

Things have been busy! I am ALMOST fully moved! :) The place is coming together :)
I am also working a TON!!! This is wearing me out, but I need the money and soon I am going on vacation!!! (The 17th of August to the 30th). When I come back I will be starting school again.

I hope that everyone's summers have gone well :)