Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is my happy colour :)
Soooo, I got a tattoo! This is the design.

I threw a wee little party,
I went to Bonnie’s wedding shower,
Had an awesome time at my friend Tom’s Friday night,
Went to Toronto Saturday night,
Went out for drinks last night.

Apartment arrangements are in the works, looking forward to it.
May be getting a kitten :)
Starting classes in the fall.
All’s well :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Thus ends another day in the life of Jen…

How was my Canada Day weekend you ask?
Friday I met up with my lovely newly-wedded and house-owning co-worker and friend to paint her living room. It was a jolly time of painting and singing and drinking. Along came her hubby and some friends and we were off in green gowns for good times at some dive bar (Norm’s) that was having its very last night. Alas, goodbye to Norm’s nights full of drunken singing and dancing (which was my first and last).

That happy evening sent everyone to toss in their beds and wake to a groggy morning of homemade strawberry jam. This day, Saturday, Canada Day, was a day of making paradise: The newly weds bought a Hawaiian wall picture which we spent hours trying to hang. We slaved and slaved and it finally turned out! Their house is now the funkiest cool of all love nests around, and I helped! :) I spent the day lying in the sunshine and making friends with their bitchy cat :) I love KITTY! She doesn’t take shit from anyone, she calls the shots; she’s Miss Independent. I could learn a few things from her. Now, I want a cat :) I thought I was allergic…

This evening we hop in the car and mosey our way to meet up with friends for dinner and to see our friend’s band play. We get caught in a little rain, we stop by a bar to see an AC/DC cover band, we crash and get up to go to work in the morning.

Now Sunday was not all that amazing, except some of the people I talked to.

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…, my day was… just… not…. going…; I looked like bum, I had no coffee, I walked to work only to be sided by a 33 divorcee trying to pick me up. He walked me all the way to work asking me questions and suggesting he buy me a coffee. I worked 10am-9pm today :P I’m glad he did not come by later, even though I would have died for a coffee… THANKFULLY, two thoughtful souls made my day. Thanks to William and Amy for the free coffees! You truly “perked” me up. You know what, William is one of my customers. I have to say, those of you who are thoughtful customers truly make us glad to serve the public. Particularly charming are the old people who come into work :) So raise your heavenly coffee cup and cheers to old people and thoughtful customers; You are adorable and make me glad.

For those of you who don’t know, people who provide me with coffee are gods in my reality.

Tattoo Tuesday guys ;) aaaaah!

Ok, I’m not saying I NEED a man. I’m pretty cool being single, it’s just darn confusing sometimes and I get sick of that confusion. I’m a bit of an idealist, I have this notion in my mind that you meet someone and if you find them attractive and they find you attractive and you have some in common, things tend to progress mutually and naturally and you get excited and it’s fun and exciting… ? This is often because I have not known it any other way until the last couple years. Now relationships seem all confusing,… when did that start happening? Obviously it’s happened to a million other people and I am just starting to get a taste of it. I suppose I used to be more careful once… Here’s to ‘becoming’ realistic.

People seem to get this notion that if someone talks about wanting a man or woman, it means they are not happy with themselves, that they need someone to complete them, blah blah blah. In some cases, perhaps that is so, but it’s complete bollocks most of the time! What is this stigma attached to singleness all of a sudden? It is only natural to want to share your life with someone who ‘gets’ you and who you can have a fun life with! Most people who are single now are not single because they can’t get someone, they are not single because they are desperate for someone; if they were, they would mostly likely have found someone else like that and gotten together with them. No, they are most likely single because they have not found the right one, they are pursuing other goals, and they are enjoying being who they can be and what they can do. It’s nice to have that flexibility when you are single… it’s easier.

There is some honour in singledom if you can do it without alienating yourself from reality and real relations with other people, just as it is with coupled people who can do the same. It’s about knowing your self and authentically living…

Anyways, surely there is that attractive, fun, real, honest and intelligent man out there who knows how to treat a woman right; respect and be considerate of her, be excited and unselfish about getting to know who she really is and want to keep her.

Perhaps there is someone who knows how to open me.