Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Are 45% Addicted to Love

Might as well face it, you're addicted to love.
You've been a fool for love many times - but are you the wiser for it?
Your needs should come first, both in and out of relationships.
Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Survey Says:

Things I have found to annoy me:
~ People who act dumb because it’s easier than taking responsibility for their actions. Especially in regards to how they treat people.
~when my floating candle flips upside down and douses out the flame :P
~Spam mail, particularly stupid forwards from friends

Something I would love right now:
~ A Massage
~ A puppy
~ A hot intelligent man to have great conversations and fun times with
~ to be 10 pounds lighter :P

~A good cuddle
I'm addicted to www.flixster.com where you rate movies and see how you compare with your friend's ratings...
I've seen a lot of movies...

Sign up and rate! :D

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.

And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.

You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.

It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Home for the Weekend

'Tis my pop's b-day and it is good to be home with the family and be lazy for a couple days :)

Thanks to one of my coworkers my hair is red and black again. More red and more black than before :)
Weeeee!!! I will post a picture when I get back to town and have a chance to breathe.
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Been watching foreign films this week. Some of note:
~The Experiment (German)
~Love me if you Dare (French)

Been listening to Jeff Buckley, as always :) But, craving some new stuff. Just don't have the money to buy and don't have the time to search and don't have the internet speed to sample. :P I would love to go to more concerts though, so if anyone out there is interested in catching a band sometime, fill me in! :)

Looking for reasons to get out- downtown, for a walk, see the sights...
Want to decorate my room: Need furniture, or at least more organization and more art on my walls. Am dying for a bookcase- It is a necessity for me which I do not have! Like the Ramones TShirt I FINALLY have now! Yipppeee!! :D

You Rock :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Without Risk there is no Faith
~ dear Mr K

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Click HERE. Be Real and Tell Me What You Really Think :)
Quick thoughts before heading off to work
Kierkegaard claims that the truth is a subjective reality, not objective reality. His argument for this is rather convincing, but I have some questions.
Can subjective reality exist outside of objective reality? Doesn’t there have to be an objective truth so that we can find subjective truths? …

And, Is Kierkegaard’s notion of subjective reality as truth, particularly in relation to proving the existence of God, somewhat Agnostic?

I ask this because Kierkegaard sounds somewhat Agnostic in claiming that the truth of God cannot be found through increasing knowledge.

Though, isn’t finding subjective truth like taking hold of an intuitive knowledge? Or is “Intuitive” the wrong word because that would mean that there is some objective truth being glimpsed, or ‘intuited’. But, nonetheless, subjective truth is like having another sort of knowledge; an experiential knowledge, which is subjective to the person, but also very much linked with an overarching kind of objective truth. For example, one person’s suffering is the person’s own: people may not understand where that person is coming from. BUT, this does not mean that no-one has been in a similar situation and that those feelings are not part of the human condition; part of a larger pool of experiential knowledge/understanding about suffering.

Kierkegaard also sounds somewhat Agnostic in his claim of subjective truth because if truth is all subjective, it seems rather flighty… as if there is not much more than our selves and our untrustworthy, fluctuating and limited human knowledge. I am not so sure he believes that there is no objective truth, but that the objective truth of God can only be found subjectively.

Anyways, I would appreciate any thoughts on this :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I love the fog :)
Some pics from last weekend:
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Quite comfortable

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Image hosting by Photobucket
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where have all the men gone?
They are all either: taken, indecent, weak, gay or the wrong age.

Valentine's day I had a lovely night with a couple lovely ladies, but we could not find any single men our age who were straight AND checkable. Where were they?!

Have they all gone? Are they all taken? Perhaps my taste in men is hard to satisfy so easily?
Give me some hope!

Regardless: I am confident in who I am as a single person and untill that special man comes around and knows how to treat me right and initiate in a friendly-fun-respectful type manner, I will be single the rest of my days :)

P.S. Drag queens have SUCH NICE SKIN!!! It makes me a little jealous and a little disappointed in myself.... LOL

Usually V-Day is not such a big thing for me...
How was your V-Day?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Don't go grocery shopping on Sunday
...it should be a leisurely thing. I am odd; I like grocery shopping :) and meandering through the isles. On Sundays though, surprisingly, the place is nuts! It's so crowded and everyone is hurrying around and people can be rude; you are bumped around when you are trying to reach the vegetables and they go tumbling to the ground and roll across the floor. You have to beeline to the meat section to get the good stuff before it's snatched up under you, if you can even get to a piece. And people with carts and children don't let you squeeze by nicely. Let me tell you; it's crazy stuff.

Well, my life is utterly consumed by men. Two men in fact: Jacob and Henry. They have become almost everything to me: they have some great values, provide for me nicely, they dress me, pay for my needs, treat me well, I see them practically every day.

Still have no plan for tackeling V Day when it finally hits me. It's only when I sit still for too long that it gets to me sometimes, which is only natural; mostly I am bitter with men and yet, I am remembering how things were last v-day and realise it is not all men's fault (only mostly). Anyways, honestly, I am afraid to end up on the couch eating chocolate, which will most likely happen... Come on ladies, let's go for a night on the town. Call me.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

photo by moi, pour toi

---,-`-.-@ V Day

It’s creeping up… I see it at the edges; peripheral vision. On starbucks mugs, on magazines, popping up and off the stands, onto the screen of my vision; reminding me that I am 23 years old and working on Feb 14th. The other girls with Beau’s have taken that day off; but I, I am the workaholic who can be depended upon to work that night. Better to keep oneself distracted than to be wallowing in snowballs and strawberries, rosettes and chocolate whipped cream… unless that involved a man, which it does not…

In fact, distract myself is what I do… sometimes it does not work, but I still do it. Books, movies, music, whatever it takes. It is bliss… it does not so easily disappoint… and disappoint without reason, without heart, without purpose or care.

So, I didn’t much notice this day was even coming close to existence in my daily conscious world until I recognized that if I keep pushing this out of consciousness it will jump up and hit me. So, perhaps I should make a plan to hit it back…
Yes,… perhaps a little bitter… I am 23, this is a good age to find that person, no? I mean, I’ve never really felt like this before: Like that person could not exist… I mean you meet someone great, you think things could work really well. I mean, you’ve had your share of relationships and love experience; you know this is someone who you could exceptionally be GREAT with, things could be unbelievable with this person, and then you get to know each other better and either you or they find some reason to think it won’t work and then it just … ENDS... Why does it always happen that way? And can relationships ever be completely mutual? And truly… where is that person? That person who is just as odd and fun-loving and intelligent and creative and sexy? That person who wants to know you, who comes to know you and comes to know they want you,… and stays.

I think I could be happy being single, if that is what I decided. I could be happy just loving people in general, just making it my life to be there for others without asking for much in return, and be gracious for whatever is returned, but not hold onto it too tightly... I have plenty to give...

Today I started to watch Beetle Juice. This used to be one of my favourite movies as a kid! It made me feel happy :) I look forward to that warm fuzzy feeling again another day when I finish it.
Also, watched The Princess and the Warrior and I recommend everyone to WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! It is one of my very favourite :)

Listening to: Jeff, 80s music 'a la' Grosse Pointe Blank sounding tracks, including; Echo and the Bunnymen, Sex Pistols, The Cure Add; The Smiths, Tiffany, Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, Ramones

Feature Songs: There is a Light that Never Goes Out, Mint Car, 99 Red Balloons, The Killing Moon, Dancing with Myself, Ground Control to Major Tom, Let’s Dance, and Never Known a Girl Like you before, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, If You Leave, Pictures of You,
Close to You, What I Like About You, Here Comes your Man, Pet Cemetary, I Think we're alone now

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I Want to Marry a Contract Killer

So, I am intoxicated with John Cusack. I've seen him quite a lot recently...
He's helping me find my identity. Met him online by posting "must love dogs" as a prerequisite to meeting me; we took a walk in the garden of good and evil, he took me to his high school reunion where we snuck out to the nurse’s office and played doctor and made love... One weekend we listened to his vinyl collection for hours upon hours, and despite meeting all his exs, it was deliriously sexy, or it could have been if it actually happened.

He has nice lips…