Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Loving this song: Wonderkiller ~ Liz Janes
Likin': The Rosebuds

What are Santa's favourite gardening tools?... Ho(e), Ho(e) and Ho(e), ok?... gardening tools! gardening tools!
(saw the new Muppet Christmas movie. LOL. Gotta love it, but the Muppet Christmas Carol is still classic)

I can't tell you how great my short time with my family was. I miss them so! They make me so proud :)
Brie sang BEAUTIFULLY at church on Christmas Eve! Better than ever! :) Katey is so beautiful inside and out and she is starting out on her own. It makes me miss her so! I want her for myself. My big bro will always be my big bro
My mom was so eagre to make yum, and even though she toiled and spoiled, I loved her for her efforts. :) My mom is great :) and my dad, he is so funny and adorable. He came in doing a fullout Will Farrell impersonation at one point, completely unconscious of it. That is just how funny he can be sometimes. I miss him.
My dogs were so happy to have me around and we cuddled plenty :) I wish I had a puppy to cuddle here in my apartment. Ah well...

Things are changing, we are all going our seperate ways, it is so good to have that time together.

What I got for Christmas:
*CDS!!! of course:
~Jeff Buckley~Mystery White Boy
~Feist~ Let it Die
~Death Cab for Cutie~Plans
~The Decemberists~Pacaresque
~Pedro the Lion~Control
*Movies! of course :
~I Heart Huckabees~~ FINALLY!! WOOT!
~To Catch a Theif~which is an Alfred Hitchock starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant ;)
*A heater for my chilly room!
*Plenty of luxurious bath produits! Oh la la!!!
*A watch. Yay, now I don't have to be too worried about being late for things! well, perhaps... :)
*A guitar chords book! Yay, perhaps I will start writing my own music and join the Broken Social Scene, or travel with Sufjan Stevens,... haha dreaming...
*$20 to Cineplex Odeon. ... hmm what to see! Who wants to go see a movie? :)
*$25 to Starbucks. Oh baby, this is heaven~ :)
*$20 to Tim Hortons... anyone up for a coffee?
*books :) Yay, now that I have time to read, sort of! :)
*Flavoured Coffees :) and REAL green tea :) I am loved :)
*Red Silk PJs, woo woo!
*Subscription to Psychology Today, I think Philosophy Now is also an excellent magazine.

Good times, good times :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh Christmas!
I LOVE Christmas time, but this year I have not really felt it much…
I have been working and finishing up my semester. I have been stressed. I have seen my work change to winter-mode, I have seen Starbucks turn all Christmasy. I had fun decorating our cute apartment with my adorable housemates along to some Christmas Ella, and I love looking outside our windows to see big fat snowflakes falling over the rooftops, I have not been able to do the usual things that this time usually entails; Baking sugar cookies and decorating them with my sisters, decorating the Christmas tree, watching the Muppet Christmas Carol with my mom and Little Women with my sisters, gorging on clemantines, peicing big puzzles together while watching El Dorado, or chewing on chocolate eclair candies while watching all the 007 movies with my family.
Usually there are some people going tobogganing, or gift exchanging. Usually I end up in snowball fights with friends, hearing good old Christmas music, and sitting by the fire with a book I have been anticipating to read over the holidays.
I have not had the time or money for buying Christmas gifts, and it has always been such a joy for me to do that. I have felt so sad to feel that I don’t have much of anything to give to people this year, people who have done so much for me and who are so dear. It also makes me wonder where my creativity and thoughtfulness have gone, caught up in work and school; I have barely much left for other people. There are people I miss, who I have done so much better at keeping in touch with than the past year. And, I feel like there are people in my life who may not even have much of a Christmas this year, and I would just love to share Christmas with them. I want to just take them home and sit with them by the fire with big cups full of yum and go for walks in the snowflakes and just share with them a warm home of people who welcome them, a home of people laughing and giving of themselves to each other.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This site has a nintendo controller belt buckle! Choice!
I would like one of those Goonie pirate Ts for Christmas :)
Gotta love the 80s :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some favourite Jars of Clay songs:
Jealous Kind ~ Who We Are Instead
Lesser Things ~ Who We Are Instead
The Valley Song ~ Furthermore
Fade to Grey ~ Much Afraid
Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder ~ Redemption Songs

Grocery Shopping
Yes, grocery shopping, though it consumes my earnings, is a pleasure...

There is something to be said for the simple pleasures of life:
~thank you nestle for selling your ice cream just as cheap as your chocolate bars for the holiday season
~I found those ginger cookies that I love to nibble on with my tea
~Pomegranite season is delicious!
~Christmas oranges are my addiction
~found the one and only box of irish breakfast tea probably existing within a 3 mile radius
~treated myself to my favourite Ritter Sport chocolate bar, the one with the cookie in the middle
~cereal! what can I say! :)
~I lament that No Frills does not have rainbow cake OR rainbow icing...
~I DO buy healthy food too! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Incessant Enthusiasm for: Camouflage Nights ~ It Could Be Love


I FINALLY have the special edition of Fight Club :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Currently: Sucking gluttonously on real fruit gummies
Constantly: Carried away by music

Playing it safe

Was talking with a fellow last night (hey you ;)…) about being more comfortable about the opportunity to buy, or about having bought.

We differ on this position, which of course, is allowed. But, it really made me think and apply it to my life. It seems an issue I’m turning over in my mind and applying in different ways.

I can understand being more attuned to wanting to buy, having the option there if I so choose to do so. It certainly gives you the upper hand but, aside from that, in many situations this ‘waiting-time’ is wisest. At some points in one’s life, this tension needs to be laid to simmer in waiting and anticipation. This is good. Time does wonders for people, and I think God works through time. Sometimes we just need time, to mourn, to settle, to figure ourselves out, to move on, to move past, to gather strength and to start anew. This I know is necessary and important in life. In fact, it cannot really be any other way.

But, there are times when this is not satisfactory any longer. I understand the hesitation to invest in something that may not be worthwhile, or may fall lower than expectation, or may end up disappointing you. But, how will you ever know unless you try? How can you engage the depth and breadth of life if you are always living on what could be, on the shallow edge of a whole spectrum of potential? Of course, you want to tread carefully; test the quality of the product, spend some time with it first…

For me, I am a hopeless shopaholic at times. I recognize this is not healthy, accumulating stuff…But, when it is a quality purchase, I am elated! I can’t wait to go home and see what outfits I can put together with this one piece of clothing, or the amount of pleasure I will get from hearing this CD, or watching this movie whenever I like! Often, for me, it is more than one, but I admire those thoughtful and controlled buyers who buy that one quality article they know they will enjoy so much and take care of it… I think I am more like that in relationships…

I am also, though, more likely to move on to find something else I like if things just don’t seem worth buying. Let me tell you, in relationships, it’s hard to find someone you can really connect with in that special way: body, mind, heart and soul. Sometimes I think I am too picky and stick too strong to my ideals. There are so many great people out there and yet, I still have trouble being sure. Perhaps they need to convince me.

But (back to objectivity), at the same time, there are plenty out there, why worry about one? UNLESS it is a real quality one, in which case I will be UNSETTLED about it, not happy to be in anticipation, in fact, I will be afraid someone else will snatch it up before I can return to claim it for myself. And yes, this is selfish to want something this much, but if it has established itself as something worthwhile to me (which often takes time), that is special and I have a lot of passion in me.... I have lists and lists of things I anticipate owning. But it is not the anticipation that holds me to them.

I know guys would like to think that anticipation holds us to them. They must think “Keep them on the line, don’t tell them your true intentions…” In fact, I think this is cruel and weak. Just be real, we COULD understand and it would be considerate and even honouring of you to just tell us the truth of how you feel and where you are at. Unfortunately, many men just don’t know how to do this and ignore you instead. Often, they EVENTUALLY explain why, if it comes up, sometimes it just takes time, which is alright. But ultimately ladies, if he isn’t pursuing, he probably isn’t interested enough, so forget about him for awhile and just be happy being you! Anyways… I digress…

It is more the potential of owning something that does it for me, as opposed to the tension of the possible owning of something. For, how could I have ever known Jeff Buckley if I let his album sit on the shelf at Sunrise? (He was actually a gift, but that is besides the point) No, instead I see a different side of him each song that I hear and I explore and see different things and yet familiar things, the more I hear of him. The more I hear, the more he makes love to me and I come to appreciate his genius over and over. I don’t cease in wanting to know him more and hear him more. In fact, I am constant in my wanting of him. This is far deeper and more meaningful. What if I never came to know Jeff Buckley’s music? He never would have made this impact on my life! This would certainly be something worthy of tragic lamentation (and yet this still would be inspired by Buckley…). At my funeral, Buckley lovers would be crying “if only she had heard one Jeff Buckley song, it would have changed her life!” Ok, enough of the cheese ;)

For, when you own it, you are free to do as you will with it, free to be completely open to fulfilling your hopes and dreams with it, to let down all your guards and inhibitions, to be vulnerable and naked before it. Free to let it engage you and affect you in wondrous ways and free to enjoy it to its fullness and have fun with the variety of experiences that are potential to be. You are free to explore the depth and width of it and interact with it without any boundaries in the way. You are free to grow and learn as life changes together and collect this foundation of intimate connections behind you, only enhancing the following moments together. This is far more fulfilling and exciting to me than the shallow stimulations that initial anticipation induces. There is anticipation within relationship as well! This is something that I look forward to in marriage one day. Is this not the sacredness of marriage I describe? And why have we started to settle for less so much more often? When we lose sight of this kind of goal, we are just creating heartache wherever we go… and causing others to do the same.

How can anyone connect, or dare to connect with another, without realizing this? And how can one live so alone?

There is something to be said for waiting for the thing worthy of such a purchase, and then establishing this kind of devotion to it. In this day and age, it is something to be jealous of, and something to be revered… and definitely something everyone is worthy of having, if they only stood for it’s truth, recognizing it’s value and perhaps in sacrificing a little, they can claim it for themselves.

Take pleasure in random beauty

My advice to you:
Look at those puffy snowflakes swirling all magical outside your window :)
Now, Stop whatever you are doing right noW!!!!!!!
GO run outside and dance in them, just for a little while :)
Then come in and put a pot of milk on the stove and make hot chocolate to sip while snug in a blanket :)

It's good for your soul and it only takes a moment :) Just do it.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Downloading via dial-up is the crow's cold knuckles...
I just made that up...

Wanted to share with you my latest listening addiction: yes, if you have heard me rave in the past couple months, it has been over a particular instrument that has been gaining underground indie attention; It is the infamous BANJO making jovial and retro-liscious cool audio-candy :)

My latest listening flava: (please do check these out)

Tegan and Sara ~ Living Room
Piano ~t hatch says 'round ev'ry corner
Summer at Shatter Creek ~ Your Ever Changing Moods (no banjo, but still hot)
Elliott Brood ~ Edge of Town
Elliott Brood ~ Cadillac Dust
Sufjan Stevens ~The Avalanche
Sufjan Stevens ~for the widows in paradise...

Here is an excellent list of Christmas music of which I punked the link from Seth (you just have superb taste man!)

If you are into cool t-shirt designs, like me...check out:
and of course: http://www.cafepress.com/bloodmelon

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sufjan Stevens playing, eating pomegranite, laughter,
creativity, great people,
watching Johnny Depp,
life is good ;)
Check out Struan! He is my hero :) I should buy one of his t-shirts :) or ...thongs... ...

Ok, I was tagged by Sarah to do this Google search thing... A mighty thanks to her for making me procrastinate and bring you this rediculous blog.
Well here goes:
The assignment is to find and post an image from the first Google Image page for each of the following 7 queries:

1) The name of the town where you were born:

2) The name of the town where you live now: HAHA!!!

These are pretty freaking hilarious in thier Randomness...

my apartment really does not look like that...
and I don't quite look like that in my apartment... or have men like those men in my apartment ...

3) Your name:
Wow, there are many talented Jens out there :)

4) Your grandmother's name:


5) Your favourite food: yes puppies, mmmm... This puppy is called coconut :)

6) Your favourite drink:

7) Your favourite smell:


And I tag... Bonnie, Dani, Scott
mmm.... snowballs....
currently: downloading some songs recommended by Seth :)

Words of the Day:

Vexatious, nettlesome, pestiferous

This describes all my current external stressors... and really, i just like the words... ;)

This makes me feel totally bugged guys, I am just hacked!! I'm sooo unglued... yet, juiced up at the same time...
anxious is such a great explanative word...

Somewhat: perturbed and perplexed,
a bit apathetic towards schoolwork... I'm overwrought!

don't you love the dictionary...
totally procrastinating... again... :P

I need to go dancing... by body is aching for it... pestiferously

Off to work...

Friday, December 02, 2005

totally digging: Franz Ferdinand's latest album, The Libertines
looking forward to: spending some time with the girls, playing drinking games we will be making up for The Office :) hehe


Paper season and exam time.... I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Aviator when he locks himself in his theatre... :P Except, I look a lot hotter in my underwear and I am not nearly as disgusting... just... feel like a zombie...

I wish I could just watch Love Actually and The Family Man with the Christmas lights on and eat snowballs... and cuddle with someone...