Saturday, April 23, 2005

So going to ROCK IT tonight at the Hot Hot Heat concert :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

in progress....
Thought I would post how some of my art pieces are coming along :) It has really been a fun learning experience, I'm so glad I chose to do this instead of a paper! THE POWER OF CHOICE! yippeeeee!
Project: 1. To paint a copy of an artist's work 2. To paint our own version of the artist's work.
I chose
Francesco Boretti, cause HE'S AMAZING! And when I started painting I realized even more just how amazing he is! BEAUTIFUL!
Starting out Posted by Hello
This is the painting where I am supposed to paint a picture of my own creation but, in his style. I think I added too much colour... and I'm a bit too tight with the brush, but great learning experience! And FUN! This is still in progress. Posted by Hello
Starting to paint Posted by Hello
My attempt at copying a Boretti, this is my work in progress, (hopefully it will look better when i'm finished, my fingers are crossed) Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wild Painting
Anyone who has used oils before, I would appreciate any pointers you may have! Please point, point away! Lovin this liquid pigment :) but i can't seem to tame it quite yet!

Hot Hot Heat

Going to see Hot Hot Heat, and CAN'T WAIT!! :D
i Heart existential therapy

Existentialists Unite!
Did a seminar on Existential Therapy in My Methods of Counselling class and it's really stuck!
Check it out: This is a GREAT site for learning about Existential Therapy! (Give it up for the professor, which lives in all of us and is not conformed by structure but truly lives authentically! wooot!)

Happened to watch this movie by fluke and ended up using it in our seminar :) I HEART HUCKABEES At first sight I just got the impression that this movie was bizarre, but the social comments it makes about our culture were laced with such truth that it forced me to look closer. The more I learned about Existential Therapy, the more humorous this movie seemed! :) Everyone should check it out! You have the freedom and responsibility to! (With subtle caution for 2 rather crude scenes and language)

You are NOT ALONE! There is MEANING! Take COURAGE and FACE DEATH everyday! Make the CHOICE!
woooMan i love this stuff!