Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I've been eaten by Redeemer!!!
Many of my friends don't know where I am, I'm back at Redeemer, they hardly get to spend time with me! All the work has swallowed me whole, and I am starting to feel rebellious and tired already!!
I have to stay on top of my work, and friends have to schedule time with me. What other way is there?

What do you think of this?

"Robertson Davies, in his novel The Rebel Angels, writes of a kind of perfectionism to which we might all aspire. His way of understanding perfection speaks to our longing for wholeness and integrity. His clerical hero, Simon Darcourt, is musing over his various attempts to be and remain one of the believers.

Oh, the endless task! One begins with no knowledge except that what one is doing is probably wrong, and that the right path is heavy with mist. When I was a hopeful youth I set myself to the Imitation of Christ, and like a fool I supposed that I must try to be like Christ in every possible detail, adjure people to do the right when I didn't really know what that right was, and get myself spurned and scourged as frequently as possible. Crucifixion was not a modern method of social betterment, but at least I could push for psychological crucifixion, and I did, I hung on my cross until it begin to dawn on my that I was a social nuisance and not a bit like Christ - even the tedious detraque Christ of my immature imagination ... Gradually it came to me that Christ's Passion, with me as a pitifully badly cast actor in the principle role. Perhaps what was imitable about Christ was his firm acceptance of his destiny, and his adherence to it even when it lead to a shameful death. It was the wholeness of Christ that this illuminated so many millions of lives, and it was my job to seek and make manifest the wholeness of Simon Darcourt."