Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Just returned from an excellent weekend visiting with Redeemer folk :) I am really looking forward to being back there, taking classes and seeing such great people again :) Especially my hot boyfriend ;)

Now I will sit and sip some hot Irish Breakfast tea. I have never before had it, and I have found just now, that I really really like it! :) I am now a tea drinker as well as a coffee drinker. Lately I have been drinking Pepperment and Green Tea and I love Chai tea as well :) This Irish Breakfast tea may taste really nicely along with one of my last cigars... except that it is called breakfast tea and having a cigar for breakfast does not sound like a very good habit... but it's not breakfast right now, and I am drinking breakfast tea... I wonder if that is considered a rebellious or improper thing to do; Like when we were in Quebec City and one of my friends mixed her red and white wines together.... lol

I am going to read some more of my Gothic Romance; The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, it is exceptional so far! :)
Later I am going to watch Night of the Living Dead. I just found out that we owned it and I have never seen it before. The cover says not to watch it alone, but there is no one to watch it with, except Leopold, my jack russel pup, who has already rooted right under the covers of my bed. He would probably watch it with me, he's a funny dog, he thinks he's a wallaby and he likes to watch tv. I am interested in these classic zombie movies, I wonder how hard they will make me laugh? Seeing one of the classics will make me laugh harder at Shawn of Dead if I had never seen one, right?

I bought a few movies at Zellers the other day for $2 each. They were all old movies, one was an Alfred Hitchcock, score! It was filmed in the 1930s, which is perfect for my taste because I love the styles of things back then ;)

Seen any good movies lately you'd like to recommend?