Tuesday, September 21, 2004

There is some cool foggy thing going on tonight in lovely Lambeth :) I always love the fog :) especially at night. It’s like Sleepy Hollow, … but… it’s not…there are no decapitations and Lambeth is actually a peaceful place... I love sitting in the backyard by the morning glories and reading my book and drinking my coffee and hearing the bells from the corner church ring:)
This time of year is the best, when there is a cool breeze that has that hint of autumn in it :) I love taking out my sweaters and comfy warm socks :)

So, I had a wonderful little reunion with one of my best friends from High school tonight after volley ball at the church. We had a wonderful conversation about confiscating a Polynesian island and inviting all of our friends our age to fly there to get married and we would all live there happily… lol. And I would live there with my pet monkey,… who will be famous!! Because we would make a movie, reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock, about monkeys and how they bite and don’t stop biting and especially about their worst weapon of all; projectile poo! (But, my monkey will be the hero, not the evil ones that throw poo! ;) ) I can’t believe no one has thought about this before! We will make millions!! Especially when our ‘Monkeys with Projectile Poo” games went on the market… lol

Aw, i'm glad i get to see some of my old friends :) Matty rocks!

So, the other day a fly flew into my coffee…and I thought, ‘Poor little fly, what a way to die! Drowning in coffee,’…and than I thought, ‘Not too bad actually’…

This is the funniest yet! I have to go into the doctors for some testing :P and my mom who is the biggest worrier, especially for her kids, while she was at the hospital the other day stole a gown!! She was afraid that if I went in for testing to this one doctor that doesn’t have gowns, that I would be really uncomfortable… and she just admitted that she stole it for me! lol I laughed so hard!! My mom rocks! ;)

Isn’t life interesting… what interesting things are happening to you!?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Aug 18, 2004 I wrote in my journal;
It's something to say that you should live today like it's one of your last days, taking hold of life and delighting in it as a gift, but we can't go up to someone and force them to do the same; go up to them and be all excited to embrace life and all its goodness and expect them to be as excited and energized to embrace life as you.

Well, i can say i've been on both sides of the fence on this idea. It's not so easy! But, this is a thought to consider! If everyone lived like it was their last day to live, what would happen? Would people waste it? Be more active? Be more selfish? Do more good? I suppose our world would result in a mad frenzy... but, when I speak here about living our life as in it is our last day to live, i mean, living this life in the light of all the good things around us we take advantage of! Grabbing hold of the good things and praising God for them. Grabbing hold of the day and acting according to a Kingdom life; one living with God and considering others, one where progress is made and things get done that need to be done, one where we are obedient to move even in the little things and joyful to act even in the little things! Where selfless love is the purpose of all we do and say. Imagine then how things would be!

I was in a really interesting conversation with one of my friends one day and he said that upon looking at the mosaic of a meltingpot culture, it looked ugly... i believe he said something to the extent of it being repulsive. I sat a bit dumb as to what to say to that; I grew up at a public school and found learning about the other cultures there extremely enlightening and though it was a challange to understand this world and it's differences from a Christian perspective, I did not reach the conclusion of ugliness as my friend commented, and his comment nagged at me. Thus, the next entry;

Aug 23, 2004;
God made the world full of variety and diversity and it is a mosaic of beauty, it is when that variety does not coincide with His truth and grace that things become ugly on the opposite pole. That the beauty of diversity is perverted into a more humanistic separation from others and that unity is fragmented into a shattered mess.

What do you think? :)

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hey, this is me with red hair. Slide on over to my poll and vote ;)  Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 09, 2004


I stumbled upon this film curiously; seeing a drama with a mystery attached and a lead actress to carry it well, I was drawn in to unmask the tale of Dogville. Little did I know that for the next couple hours my heart and mind and soul would be tossed in a whirlwind of emotional drama which wrenched me to the core. It is a film that magnifies humanity’s sinful nature and its consequences.

The story opens with a man, Tom, who’s hopeful and driven to redeem his town; his time spent toiling over thoughts and working to philosophize and devise ways to save them from themselves. He calls town meetings in the mission house to provide the opportunity to the townsfolk to worship God and he speaks to them in order that they may change their ways. One night he finds the personification of Grace (she had run away and needed a place to hide) and sees this as the chance the town has to shine upon its mountain top, to learn to live in love, community, and open goodness given to others. We sit as if viewing from a higher realm, seeing the entire village as if we are God. We see each person; we see through the walls, into each room, we see each of the people’s good and evil acts. We see how Grace goes about making the town a better place, offering to help people who don’t want to be helped, but then somehow find things to keep her busy each day and slowly become overly dependent on her to take on their tasks. The police start looking for Grace and the townspeople start to act as if Grace should owe them something for keeping her there. Then we see each and every one do their share in abusing Grace in the most abhorrent ways, taking full advantage of Grace and projecting all their faults, guilt, insecurities and shame onto her. We see also, how Grace only ever responds with mercy, complete submission, never taking or asking anything in return. All the allusion points to the town of Dogwood as a lost Dog astray and baring its teeth and tearing like a rabid animal at Grace simply for taking its bone, the only thing she ever took. A hollow piece of our human anatomy, a dumb animal’s teether, points to our worst fault of all; our comfortable ignorance, for Grace has revealed all their human faults and laid bear their sinfulness.

In the end even Tom, who had high hopes for his town, the man who loved Grace and whom she loved, who never asked anything of her, ends up betraying her in his humanness. For he knew what was happening and did nothing, and even when he chose her above his fellow town folk, he could not resist turning her in. Still when Tom and his Reason failed to help change things, failed to help show the power of forgiveness and the optimism of edification, I hung to the last thread of hope that there could be some way to redeem this town. Finally, Grace is put in the position of power where she may choose the fate of the town. At this point I sat on edge, my soul crying out for a symbolic and penetrating redemption for each soul therein…

What still boggles me to this moment is this; Now we know the man Grace was hiding from was her father, a man powerful enough to destroy anything he wished. Grace and he have a discussion where her father reprimands Grace for being so arrogant as to refuse to do what was actually right for the town folk at the time and retort them for their wrongs and stand up for herself. For, in taking on all their sins on herself, she only condemns others to continue sinning and taking, in turn proving that she is not so pure and righteous. At first she stands up for the townspeople, still seeing the good that is there, not blaming them for their humanness, excusing them from their wrong, but her father had encouraged her to see all their faults and inexcusability and so she, with her newfound power, chooses this time to stand up for herself and smite all the wicked, condemning them to death by massacre and the town is burned down.

My thoughts flurry specifically around how this message stands in parallel to the biblical message; for I have grown up Anno Domini, where Christ is the real personification of Grace, living in the Truth that He took our sins upon Him and died for us that we would be Redeemed. The beauty and goodness of this message is what we live on! For without it we cannot live! That is exactly why, in the movie, no one did; because that message was not there.

I’m tempted to tell you that Grace was human in this film and that is why she resorts to ‘revenge’ and massacre, and thus, doing no better than all the evil done to her and leaving the film to display some profound drama of ‘What goes around comes around.” Perhaps instead, if she hadn’t given up wholly on Reason and Good Works but, found that though those things were helpful they weren’t ultimately the answer, she may have found a different answer than to just destroy it all. One that was a message of hope and redemption and spoke of unconditional love and forgiveness. For now she will just go start from scratch someplace else and it may end up in flames again, seeing as how we are all born with original sin. And how long could a human in such conditions as she endured live on anger, rebellion and revenge? For one must really be driven to the end of their rope, so empty, to fall into such a condition and then, they will burn themselves out, condemning themselves as they continue to condemn others. With her power she could have chosen to do good somehow, and to change things….

But, I am challanged to look again at the nature of Grace. In the Old Testament, God provides many chances for the wicked, showing mercy on many accounts, for He is a God of love. But, there are also instances where God smites the wicked, for who questions God in His action to do so? What is wicked needs to die, it is parasitic to the goodness on earth, and so; may it be an act of Grace to stomp out the evil to its very roots so it does not further infest any good? Could this movie not be a modern and brutal display of a harsh reality which we idly ignore, in order to help us see how good we have it now? To see the chance we have in the Grace of God we can know today because of Christ? In the movie, the dog is all that is left of the town, and its name happens to be Moses. Moses was the first leader of men in the Old Testament to be used by God to save the animals and humankind from the wrath of God. The people who are left with Moses in this story, are the people in the audience who really get the message.
Still guffawed at the dynamic philosophy of this film, still trying to figure it all out. For something so sensational should have a righteous purpose, or it is just damaging.

What do you think?

Now, anyone up for Magnolia? I haven’t seen that one yet.

Wondering; how a rattle snake's rattle is structured in order to make the rattle sound.

Thought for further pondering and studying; the roots of anger and agression

Something of great amusement to watch; my jack-russel pup Leo, hunting, pouncing on and eating bugs

Reading; Cold Mountain- Charles Frazier ( 237/356 pgs, I promised myself i would read the book before i see the movie, and i am itching to see the movie!!), Walking Amoung The Unseen, An invitation to open the door to spiritual joy! - Hannah Hurnard (She is my favourite author, knows how to speak my language and fill my soul with joy and peace and love for my King)

Listening to; The fly Leo's chasing buzz, Frank Sinatra croon away ;) Sing it Frankie!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

It’s about time for another blog

The other day
I went for a 10K canoe ride with my dad, my sister and her boyfriend Juan-Pierre. It was so gorgeous and peaceful and guess what we saw!? A bald eagle! I tried to get a picture of it with my dad’s super lens digital camera; I was so upset that I didn’t get to in time! I guess my chances at having my dream job as a National Geographic photographer are pretty slim for that very reason, that’s why I am going into Psychology, the stress of getting a perfect picture in time is just too much!

Jun is so funny, my dad had his GPS with him and it said how fast our boat was going, so Jun tried to see how fast we could get the canoe to go and we got it up to 9km/hr for brief second. Haha!

Well, at one point I was curious to see what was over one of the ridges along the river, so dad suggested we pull the canoe over and I could shimmy up this one log. So, we did and I went up that log pretty well. Coming to the top of the ridge, I came to find corn fields, not too surprising, but in my imagination I was hoping for a large open meadow full of wildflowers, a breathtaking view, and I would be compelled to run through it and pick flowers before returning to the canoe… haha, no luck. Anyways, I didn’t think that getting back down the log would be so difficult and I got stuck halfway, suspended about 5 feet off the slanted muddy slope and about 5 more feet from the river itself. If I fell, I would be muddy, bruised and wet (That was me the other day when dad took us to the beach on a rainy day and we decided to hike along the edge and at one point had to go down a slippery mud slope to get to the beach…) Well, I made it down the log as my father and Juan laughed at my bum in the air and called me a human sundial :P

Anyways, we also saw a couple gorgeous hawks; one with a creamy white body, it was beautiful!! and a couple that had tufts of rusty red that glowed at the ends of their wings. I think hawks are so beautiful and I have never seen so many of the larger/rarer birds of Canada in one day! (Except there was one time on a trip to Toronto that I saw at least 30 red tailed hawks perched along the side of the road) The other day when my father and I were hiking through the woods, we heard a couple hawks up in the trees above us, they have such an exquisite sounding call.

Well, we also canoed right by a snake in the middle of the river, and a couple turtles. We chased about 3 or 4 herons up the river. They are such beautiful creatures as well. We also saw many smaller birds of which I do not know their name, but I did recognize a woodpecker. There were such cute ducks on the river as well; when we got too close they would lift out of the river, their back-end dragging a bit as if they were still awkward in learning to take off flying, and then took off speedy-like down the river. :)
I’ve decided that though Canadian Geese, or loons, are somewhat nice looking and such,but they have got to be the most chicken, loud and annoying birds. There are so many of them and they are so loud that they seem to claim the Canadian land for themselves and thus they are our National bird, but they remind me more of the seagulls in Finding Nemo than actual seagulls do! Really, they sound more like them!!

Yesterday, my family and I went to the beach up in Inverhuron where we used to have a cottage which we rented every summer when I was younger. My dad and I biked along a really charming forest pathway along the water and came out onto the point where there was a loon and a seagull sharing a far rock peacefully. It was the loon that took off first and set off a whole chorus of loony quacking.

That point was where we used to build huge bonfires and let them flame so high and than we would walk back to our cottage and peak out the window over looking the bay and see if the fire was still as big as we left it. My mom would mutter about how my dad would probably start a forest fire and burn down the whole coastline and my dad would assure my mom that the fire was far enough out on the point and just pull out the Red-Pop and put in the Hercules movie and suggest we have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows later.
I miss that place :) One thing we would always do when we went up to the cottage was buy squeaky cheese (cheese curds) from the cheese factory which we passed on our way up (and we did yesterday too) and we would buy smarties and play games of black jack using them s our betting money until late into the night. We did that the other day too.

The man who used to rent out our cottage has a house up there right beside them and beautiful gardens which he said we could use whenever we’d like to, so we used to ply hide and seek day and night. Sometimes he would have his giant sprinklers on and that always made it fun. Other times there would be glow bugs out and we would try and catch them in our hands. There was a little spring where we would put water in water bottles for hiking through the giant sand dunes into the forest and there was the river that flowed long the garden out to the lake and when we would put out canoe in, all the little tadpoles or little frogs would swim/hop about. They were so interesting to look at.

I really miss the long days t the beach, reading books at leisure, walking to the candy store (which isn’t there anymore) all together and buying one cent candies and those paper airplanes and then racing them with my brother and sister to see who’s flew farther and better.
We would go into Kincardine some days and always visit the bakery, and always get something. Each of us kids usually getting a cupcake which had some candy design on top, like our favorite ninja turtle ( Michelangelo). Sadly the bakery wasn’t there this time, but the toy store we used to go to was and I browsed the books :)

Good times :)

You know, as we drove down that way we passed a store that sold nostalgia, lol, well, I had plenty of it all ready yesterday ;)

Warm fuzzies everyone.