Sunday, February 29, 2004

Smile love
and share with me the worlds you see,
Bless this timid brow and doe-eyed dreamer
with a sip of your life nector.
Are we not the same nocternal spirit
dwelling along a parallel course,
moving just the same?
I see your lamp light burn tonight,
do you see mine?
No, you are caught in the lull between darkness fall and sunrise.
Time is still for you tonight as you drift over a sea
of winnowing mists
Where are you going, drifter?
Why not a mate beside?
A partner on your journey to shore and crooked crag
In each our rooms a flame blooms
to become a fire dancing,
A royal blaze caught each us up,
in our own romancing.
It's heaven here to alight this night with fairy tales prancing,
how can i be my self
when the frozen world has
shut us in upon each our sills,
and ice forms like an english bobble glass
blurring and fragmenting your glow?
Twin spirits dwell tonight
trapped up in each their own hollow.
-Jen Boddaert

In 2 Corinthians 12 Paul talks about having a thorn in his side. This thorn, a matter of the flesh, makes Paul weak. But, it is through this weakness that God can use Paul. Then Paul boasts about his weaknesses saying “the less I have, the more I depend on God.”

This dependence is necessary for life. Only when we realize that we are only human and cannot do it all, may we see that God will provide for all we need. Only when we realize that it is not about us, that God may use us for His glory and give us a purposeful life.

We are unique individuals that God loves and adores; this is why He desires for us to live with Him, as well as to have a fulfilled and purposeful life. This is only possible through submission and obedience to His Holy Spirit and will. There is so much joy in letting go to the will of God, if only we could learn to just let go!

What thorns do you have in your life? What things have you put utmost importance in that have taken over far too much of your time and energy? What are those things that have caused you sleepless nights, stress, worry, take up your thoughts and cause your heart to be restless? What are your idols? What physical afflictions have you stumbled across that you are frustrated over and make you feel weak and unusable? What are your weaknesses and struggles? What are your strengths and gifts that are not being used to the glory of God, which in fact have turned into your worst weaknesses because of your attempts to take recognition for them? In what areas of your life are you too prideful? What are your temptations? What are your negative compulsions, bad habits? These are all thorns in our lives.

The awesome thing is that Jesus took these thorns upon his brow to the cross, where they were sacrificed along with Christ, that we may live! And that we may live with God! God’s grace is sufficient! Your human iniquity is restored with God’s spirit in you.

This time of lent often becomes a ‘Self-help’ program for Christians where they give up something for their own good. This is not a bad thing, but I would like to bring the focus away from this perspective and refocus it on the cross. Christ took our thorns, why do we keep holding onto them? Let go of the thorns in your lives, if not just for the time of lent

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Late night ponderings
... my mind is so ‘promiscuous’ at night…;

It is 3am and I have a lot of school work to do tomorrow but I stay up. Tonight I watched The Passion (which I recommend everyone go see) and left with a fresh saline face, trembling with a sigh of some inexplicable feeling of joy in being Redeemed!

Tonight also, I am relishing the quiet and the peaceful dark of my room. I have often reflected on my most peaceful state as being this moment when I transform to a reclusive night owl; it is a projection of my introversion and my monastic side, it is here that I gather my energy for the world; indulging in story and poetry, spinning thoughts, prayers and dreams in the dark night, submitting to the sanctuary I find here alone and quiet.

I understand now the imagery I used for an earlier assignment in art class; we were to draw a falcon somehow being trapped. Somewhere I came up with the idea of the falcon flying free only to transform into a gargoyle propped on a gilded church roof and overlooking the vast sky it cannot soar in. In my other assignment, the symbol of the bird is a message of release from enslavement. My teacher challenged me to understand where this imagery was coming from. At first this felt like a threat; There is a part inside me that is a gargoyle? What does that mean? It made me interested in the role and nature of ‘gargoyle’.
In taking the Keirsay temperament test it tells me that I have 2 sides. One the Monastic (the gargoyle), the other being the Questor (the free flying falcon). This is something I have known about myself, but have not completely known how to express. I was amazed to find that the Keirsay helped me in this regard.

I am interested in exploring my Questing side (ha, that’s funny; exploring my Exploring self); but not sure what that would entail. I suppose it will be an adventure :)
I realize now one of the reasons why I struggle so much with balance in my life. One side of me wants to explore all facets of the inner world, the other side venture out into the wonders of the external world. There is just too much for one person to experience! All the while I have an urge for the primitive and the exotic, and I must admit that I am quite fanciful for the beautiful, but I truly desire the sublime.

One thing that appeals to both my sides is that though they can be objective and rational about things, most monastic and questing individuals are quite Romantic. ;) In fact, the Romantic period in history has glimpses of monastic/gothic and questing/colonizing all throughout it. There is drama and wild beauty about humanity and his (her in my case) relation to the vast worlds about him/her.

Glimpses of the sublime;

Kant describes the sublime as the elated experience one has standing before a storm that is approaching (I’d like to add ‘over the sea’). It is a sense of wonder and awe mixed with an insatiable fear. He likens the sublime as “com(ing) upon us in the gloomy forest, and in the howling wilderness, in the form of the lion, the tiger, the panther, or rhinoceros.”

I appeal to this description as an artist; when I was in high school I fell in love with drawing the tiger, not simply for its beauty but for the sublime nature about its movements and in its eyes; the intense instinctual fire that blazes through them.

I must include the sublime in human attraction. It catches one in the midst of daily movement, shatters their focus and invades their space. There is an energy that pervades and than mingles about in the atmosphere and is slowly absorbed, tousling you about and tangling your insides and than dissipating outwards in pulsing shudders. It is so entirely tangible, so very frightening.

When I live at home I often take this quiet time outside to the backyard where I can open myself bare to the vast sky of stars and to God. Here I would marvel at the expanse of creation and be put in my place at how finite my being was, only to be wrapped up in the extraordinary Truth that I actually am loved beyond comprehension by God.

Roller-coasters make me anxious and uncomfortable, but I did go on some in Florida. At the initial propulsion of the Rockin’ rollercoaster in Walt Disney’s MGM from 0 to a-crazy-number miles per hour I held on for dear life and screamed my head off as the cart flew in a loop upside-down; only to find that once the cart was upright I no longer had any breath. It was than that I told myself to breath and just let go and enjoy the ride. In which case; I continued to scream, but for the heck of it and not out of utter ‘I’m going to pi** my pants!!’ When the rollercoaster was rolling to a stop I let out a scream and laughed and screamed again because I was left so exhilarated!!
In Florida, Bob (one of the speakers) paralleled our life with God as a roller-coaster. We hold onto the bars of the roller coaster thinking that they are going to somehow help us, but they are simply there to make us feel surer of being comfortable and safe, they don’t really do anything. When we let go, stop thinking that we can control things and trust that God holds us, we will have an exhilarating ride. There is nothing more fearful to us than offering up the reigns of control in our lives, we are afraid of crashing or getting lost or left behind in this crazy world. We must trust that God provides and sustains us and that when we let go to God that we will enjoy a most sublime ride!

Friday, February 27, 2004

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Some paintings I came across. They seem to strum the chords of a Romantic instrument in me that plays such melodies it causes me to swoon and fall into indulgance of such a temperament of paint;
Casper David Friedrich

There's a certain Slant of light,
Winter Afternoons--
That oppresses, like the Heft
Of Cathedral Tunes--

Heavenly Hurt, it gives us--
We can find no scar,
But internal difference,
Where the Meanings, are--

None may teach it--Any--
'Tis the Seal Despair--
An imperial affliction
Sent us of the air--

When it comes, the Landscape listens--
Shadows--hold their breath--
When it goes, 'tis like the Distance
On the look of Death--
-Emily Dickinson

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Our freedom in the Will of God

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus exhorts us not to be anxious about tomorrow but to concentrate on what we must do today. We ought to trust that the God who clothes the lilies of the field and cares for the birds of the air will also meet our needs. This God will take care of tomorrow; thus, we must concentrate our energies on today. "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today."

Jesus' teaching on Gods will is deceptively simple here. He instructs us not to worry, as unbelievers do, about present circumstances or future problems. Instead, he commands, "Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." This verse says nothing about how to discern God's will for our lives,... Jesus demands instead that we establish right priorities and put first things first.

We may have ten important decisions to make and a hundred possible pathways we could follow. We may wish that God would tell us exactly what to do, where to go, and how to choose. Yet Jesus only requires that we make sure our heart is good, our motives are pure, and our basic direction is right, pointing toward the "true north" of the kingdom of God. We can, in good conscience, choose from among any number if reasonable alternatives and continue to do the will of God. In the end what matters most is that we seek first God's kingdom and righteousness.
From The Will of God as a Way of Life, Gerald L. Sittser

Friday, February 13, 2004

"And now that the unsightly, deformed mouth was healed, and she could look unshrinkingly, and without self-consciousness into the face of others, she was very unlike the ugly creature of former days, 'Yet in another way' thought Mrs. Dismal Forebodings, 'she is not at all out of the ordinary. Amoung a crowd there would be nothing to single her out, except perhaps the expression of quiet, steady happiness on her face and the light in her eyes'."
-Mountains of Spices -Hannah Hurnard
It's morning and the chill is still in the air,
I snuggle deeper into my covers.
The sun birthed red out of the womb of night
and rose to shine through the mists of morning dew,
cleansing, waking us from sleep and ignorance.
Now it shines through my window
and onto my face,
the dancing rays playing over me,
kissing my eyelashes, my eyelids,
to open and blink innocent before this new day
And I feel the warmth of the sun embracing me,
and I rest in the romancing of its soft caress
and I know that God has sent this sun for me.
-Jen Boddaert

Thursday, February 12, 2004

What's with all the antagonism about Valentine's Day?
Poor boys, have to spend a little money on their honey... what's the big deal?
So what if prices are higher for a day? There's more to life than money. Don't let it rule the 'Day of Love,' no matter what love you want to celebrate.
You can still be a wise spender.

All of a sudden the approach of the 'Day of Love' has caused an uproar of hippyish banter with the general theme claiming; 'Give love, not high prices', 'cheap' love everyday', 'I don't want to spend money on other people, but I'm going to anyways, or else they will think I'm a loner, and than I will be one'....

Bitter? I may be, but it's not about Valentine's Day itself...
Ok, I do get what they are saying, But Valentine's Day is what you make it folks.
To Women, As Far As I'm Concerned

The feelings I don't have I don't have.
The feelings I don't have, I won't say I have.
The feelings you say you have, you don't have.
The feelings you would like us both to have, we
neither of us have.
The feelings people ought to have, they never have.
If people say they've got feelings, you may be pretty
sure they haven't got them
So if you want either of us to feel anything at all
you'd better abandon all idea of feelings altogether.

D.H. Lawrence

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Dream within a Dream

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow--
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if Hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand--
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep--while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them within a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

Edgar Allen Poe
What can I give thee back, O liberal
And princely giver, who hast brought the gold
And purple of thine heart, unstained, untold,
And laid them on the outside of the wall
For such as I to take or leave withal,
In unexpected largesse? am I cold,
Ungrateful, that for these most manifold
High gifts, I render nothing back at all?
Not so; not cold,--but very poor instead.
Ask God who knows. For frequent tears have run
The colours from my life, and left so dead
And pale a stuff, it were not fitly done
To give the same as pillow to thy head.
Go farther! let it serve to trample on.

Yet, love, mere love, is beautiful indeed
And worthy of acceptation. Fire is bright,
Let temple burn, or flax; an equal light
Leaps in the flame from cedar-plank or weed:
And love is fire. And when I say at need
I love thee...mark!...I love thee--in thy sight
I stand transfigured, glorified aright,
With conscience of the new rays that proceed
Out of my face toward thine. There's nothing low
In love, when love the lowest: meanest creatures
Who love God, God accepts while loving so.
And what I feel, across the inferior features
Of what I am, doth flash itself, and show
How that great work of Love enhances Nature's.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Monday, February 09, 2004

What is the nature of romance?
I could write a long blog pondering, but I would like to know what you think.
What is romantic/romance to you?
What is TRUE and PURE romance?
What is a romantic NEED, as opposed to a romantic WANT?
So, Fitz and I were wondering today WHY exactly Winnie the Pooh is called Winnie the Pooh? I figured it was just a cute name.
Fitz insists that Pooh means something different in Brit-English.
There are many fairy tales derived from unexpected origin, so it causes one to wonder.
Never the less, Winnie the Pooh will always charm us... ;)
Something more

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful
servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has
forgotten the gift."

-Albert Einstein

Was thinking the other day about how so often we strive for intelligence about things, when really, there is something beyond intelligence that is much more worth striving for and that is wisdom. It is beyond simply ‘intelligence’, it contains a level of intuition behind it that is commendable.

In Psychology the key point that keeps coming up is that repeatedly throughout history, people have realized that though science and reason are important, if science and reason are all there is, than we would have no real meaning to our lives. Thus, people in history constantly searched for ways to discover and understand things beyond what they could see.

Church in the Box last night was EXCELLENT, the speaker spoke about how we so often settle for things in our life that aren’t even the best that the world has to offer. And even then, the world offers us far less than what God can offer us. We all struggle with this!! We all have to be reminded that we were meant to live for so much more. That life is meant to be so much more than we let it be.

Back to Wisdom;
What is the nature of Wisdom? How can you describe it? The summer before I started into Redeemer I spent with my aunt and uncle in North Carolina. My aunt is a Baptist preachers grand daughter (making me a Baptist preachers great granddaughter, the faith has held strong through our heritage) and my uncle is Catholic. I had some GREAT conversations with both of them on all kinds of issues! : ) It was a GREAT summer! :)
In some of my own time, I read the Book of Wisdom, also called the Wisdom of Solomon, (and some of the other books from the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books) and did my own little study and meditation on this verse;

In Praise of Wisdom
For within her is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, active, incisive, unsullied, lucid, invulnerable, benevolent, sharp, irresistible, beneficent, loving to man, steadfast, dependable, unperturbed, almighty, all surveying, penetrating all intelligent, pure and most subtle spirits;
For wisdom is quicker to move than any motion. She is pure, she pervades and permeates all things, she is a breath of the power of God, pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty hence nothing impure can find a way into her.
She is a reflection of the eternal light untarnished mirror of God’s active power, image of His goodness.
Although alone, she can do all; herself, unchanging, she makes all things new.
-Wisdom 7:22-27a

My prayer over the years has often been for wisdom, and the embodiment of such qualities. I did not have the original language to be able to study the exact meaning of those words; so I used what I could to get a broader perspective of what each of these words truly meant and get an idea of what the all encompassing nature of these words may embody in Wisdom;… I used the dictionary I had with me.
I was really anxious as the exact reasons why the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books are not included in my bible. I can only put some guesses and assumptions out there based upon my readings of them. In the case of Wisdom; I don’t think it is wrong to want to be like ‘her’, but ultimately we should worship God and follow His son.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Finally got me!

I win again! You are player number 3to have chosen Tintin from Tintin comics. I knew you were Tintin from Tintin comicsfrom the start, but I strung you along for a while to make it seem more sporting. I hope that one day you will overcome the powerful sense of humiliation that you now feel. Until then, good luck.
You won this time, puny mortal! And I fail again. I guess my parents were right, I'll always be a failure. I guess it's time to start looking for a new job.

hmmmm... nope, I guess not many people watch the shows I watch...
Hehe, I did it again!

Well, there you have it, I was wrong again. I was positive that you were Billy from Ally McBeal! But you are far too clever for a puny computer like me. Now you can go and tell everyone while I sit here and try to put the pieces of my crumbled existence back together.

I guess it doesn't know this tv show!?
Off to try another...
Sorry Dan,
I got lucky;

Congratulations, you stumped me! It certainly seemed that you were Rachael from Friends, but if you say you weren't, I guess I have to believe you. Not that I'm happy about it. In fact, you've ruined my whole day. But I'll get you next time!

Can you guess who I was?

Play here

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us,
we ask ourselves, who am i to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world
There is nothing enlightened about your shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you
we were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone and when we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.
-Nelson Mandela quoting Marianne Williamson

For You
Parenthesis mine.
Resistance and isolation - From The War of Art
Sometimes we balk at embarking on an enterprise because we're afraid of being alone. We feel comfortable with the tribe around us; it makes us nervous going off into the woods on our own.

I find this hard to grasp, and actually quite interesting. I find that I am one to freely wonder off into the woods on my own gladly. I enjoy solitude, in fact, I NEED solitude and time to myself, especially to get my work done. I'm generally an introvert and I will go crazy without my quiet time. Just as I will go crazy without some good quality time with people, time to be social is important for us all. I know some who could appeal well to what Pressfield says here, though many of them are extroverts. Overall though, Resistance does tend to bring out in us a compulsion to be with others

Here's the trick: we're never alone. As soon as we step outside the campfire glow, our Muse lights on our shoulder like a butterfly. The act of courage calls forth infallibly that deeper part of ourselves that supports and sustains us...

It is a common place amoung artists and children at play that they're not aware of time or solitude while they're chasing their vision. The hours fly. The sculptress and the tree-climbing tyke both look up blinking when Mom calls, "suppertime!"

Where I would like to be

For those AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL women in my life who are dreading valentine's Day, who hope and desire for that one special love and who have been treated with the worst attention from men as well as receiving nowhere close the degree of swooning they deserve;
Let this melt over your heart as chocolate;

First time he kissed me, he but only kissed
The fingers of the hand where with I write;
And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
Slow to world-greetings, quick with it's "Oh, list,"
When the angels speak. A ring of amethyst
I could not wear here,
plainer to my sight,
than that first kiss...
-Elizabeth Barret Browning

Then we began to ride. My soul smoothed itself out,
a long cramped scroll
freshening and fluttering in the wind...
what if we still ride on, we two,
with life forever old yet new,
changed not in kind but in degree,
the instant made eternity.
-Robert Browning

The face of all the world is changed I think,
since first I heard the footsteps of thy soul
move still, of still, beside me...
...met in thee, and from out the overcame
my soul with satisfaction of all wants:
Because God's gifts put all man's dreams to shame.
-Elizabeth Barret Browning

So I shall see her in three days
and just one night, but nights are short,
then two long hours and this is morn.
See how I come, unchanged, unworn!
Feel, where my life broke off from thine,
How fresh the splinters keep and fine,
only a touch and we combine.
-Robert Browning

Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart!
Unlike our uses and our destinies
Our ministering two angels look surprise
on one another, as they strike athwart
their wings in passing
-Elizabeth Barret Browning

Let us, o my dove, let us be unashamed of soul,
as earth lies bare to heaven above!
How is it under our control,
to love or not to love?
-Robert Browning

And I who looked for only God,
found thee!
I find thee;
I am safe, and strong and glad.
-Elizabeth Barret Browning

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M TOTALLY MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not one to attract attention to myself, so just pretend I look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Out of nowhereSarah and I are contemplating the complex philosophy of;
Which comes first; do the pants shape the butt? Or does the butt shape the pants?
Knowing which comes first has many ramifications, like,
"What constitutes the perfect FORM of butt?" (There are some Platonic allusions in this question!)
And..."Does buying certain pants really matter?"

Needless to say it has a circular train of thought without any true seat to rest upon...

Monday, February 02, 2004

Ok, I'm supposed to be writing a book review, but I recently bought a book that I have been anticipating to read! And, I FINALLY have it in my hands! It calls to me from my book shelf!
It's called the War of Art, and has to do with an inoperable state of creativity in my life and a struggle with expressing myself to my own delight, or at least to my satisfaction. I keep stumbling over this and my art marks reflect that! : ( I am an art major, and yet, sometimes I have the hardest time doing it. So, I came across this book on sale. :) I didn't realize it at the time, but it has to do with creativity coming from the unconscious mind, something I have been contemplating in my own life this year in my drawing class. And, so I'm anxious to engage this book!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of the intro about the author;
"When inspiration touches talent, she gives birth to truth and beauty. And when Steven Pressfield was writing The War of Art, she had her hands all over him.

And than I read this;
"There's a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don't, and the secret is this; It's not the writing part that's hard. What's hard is the sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance."
And I realize I should get back to my paper....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

study break
So, I've hit a streak of rebellious temptations. They aren't so severe, but are things that I wouldn't normally aspire to doing. It feels like I've hit that adolescent rebellion that I completely missed in high school. Sure we dropped candy at people from the upper level of the mall and wheeled each other around in grocery carts, and skipped class to speed crazily down country roads with the windows down, music blaring, hair flying and singing our hearts out.
Not only am I immensely attracted to the dark, mysterious, bad-boy image at the moment; the shirt off revealing glazed muscles incised with tattoos, his fingers resting a studded cigarette, the ashes just ready to fall, his dark hair spiked up, his tight cut gotee luring about his lips and his chrome eyes shining at me. (Could you guess that was Johnny Depp?)
But, I never cared to be tempted by the things I find myself thinking of now;
Getting a tattoo, going out to a bar and drinking up a tab worthy of an Irishman and singing just as loudly,dying my hair red, buying some cigars and smoking them as I read ancient texts for my own purposes and with no productive semblance to my school work. ('Ooooh Jen, so rebellious!' you say, I know ;)
I think I'd like to have my own library one day, you now one of those old British ones with the dark stained wood walls covered in bookshelves and the fireplace conducting the only blazing light in the evenings onto my chaize lounge and sofas, and of course, onto the extremely s o f t fur carpet. ;) I could keep a box of cigars for special occasions and a mini-fridge built into the wooden wall holding wine for quiet evenings...

Ok, my Nut, Leopold, is vying for my attention; he's literally rolling around on my bed behind me to get my attention. I call him 'Nut', not only 'cause he only has one big brown spot on the side of his body like a nut, but because he is one. He's such a mischievious and playful puppy that he gets himself into everything. We don't need to torment him as we did Gibson; dressing him up, painting his toenails and dying his tail orange, (lol, that was good... ) he torments himself enough getting into things he shouldn't. This Christmas it was a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans and getting himself stuck inside Molly's pillow (heh heh). But, on the other hand, he's a major suck that loves to nap in people's arms, even if he doesn't know them, and watches tv.
(Hey, we don't treat our dogs so bad! My dad and his best friend used to put his dog in a pillowcase and bowl it down the hallway! And when dogs used to chase him on his motorbike, he'd drop cherry bombs behind him.... heheh)
Anyhoo... a few of my boyfriends used to get jealous of the attention I gave my dogs (silly boys). But, come to think of it, dogs are pretty good comfort. They welcome you happily when you come to the door, kiss your feet, get your shoes for you, cuddle with you, keep you warm and loved. Gibson, the French pooch that he is, is always looking for kisses from me. He gets in quite the moody pout when he sees me with another guy, or if I give Nut too much attention. Without fail, he will follow me around and come to snuggle with me in bed in the mornings when I'm home.
Anyways, back to work...
So much for getting work done!
Though I was able to wake up Saturday morning and read, I was not able to dive into my pile of homework. My gorgeous sisters and my lovely mother insisted on my joining them in their rendezvous to the mall,...and in buying me things. Usually this would be fun for me, but a day of rest and quiet reading is devoured in the recognition of any prospect of shopping with my family. One comes back, the full day spent, feeling you've done a full workout, your back sore and your feet aching and perhaps your cheeks hurting from laughing so much. I must say that shopping is my undoing. I'm far to compulsive when it comes to style.

The most productive moment of the day involved a conversation with my best friend in the world, Lindsay, over a coffee and croissant. :) And the hugs I gathered from each of my family.

Now that I am tucked away in my room, I am ready to sit down and get some glorious homework done. :) Doing so, while the laughter exudes from down the hallway.
To the books! ;)